"I am a great believer in luck, and find the harder I work, the more I have of it." - Thomas Jefferson


Exam season is on its way. Here’s lots of resources to help you work smart. Good luck!


Video - TeN Tips to study effectively

Get started with our video of practical tips for making the most of your time spent revising.



Subject support sessions

Our teachers run loads of well-attended extra sessions to support students' GCSE revision and coursework. Click below to find out what’s on.


Got a mobile, tablet or desktop? Watch or download podcasts and take them anywhere and improve your grades today. 

Ryburn offers gcsepod because it's such a great tool for independent learning and revision, helping you get organised and tailored to your exams. Students have been provided with a log in to access our school subscription.

Exam Stress and Anxiety

Whilst some stress is normal and can actually help you focus on your exams, sometimes anxiety can get overwhelming and become a big problem. Don't ignore it! There's steps you can take to help yourself, or to support your child.

Check out our guides for help.

Student guide

Parents guide

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Revision Cafe

During Spring and Summer terms, our revision cafe runs every night after school until 5pm.


revision timetable Template

The best way to maximise your learning and to reduce feelings of stress is to get organised. Use this template to create a revision timetable to plan your time studying at home. Remember to include breaks and time to relax.

Download a template


Family Workshops

Each year we offer a number of workshops for families to help support your child to achieve their potential, whilst helping the whole family to maintain their sanity.

These presentations were part of one of those events:

Online revision tools powerpoint

Revision tips and timetables powerpoint

Further resources

Here are some links to further resources which you might find useful. 

Download our PDF Revision Guide for 2018-19, including hints and tips for students and parents, and an extensive list of websites specifically for each subject.

Revision sites

Remember - Double check which exam board and course you are studying for each subject and make sure you only use the right revision materials. Don't waste time studying the wrong things!

GCSEpod - Great audio and visual podcasts which you can watch or download.

MathsWatch - Great interactive Maths resources. Speak to your Maths teacher for access to the Ryburn subscription.

BBC Bitesize - Great revision and test materials for all subjects. Also available is the Bitesize app.

Get Revising - Lots of revision materials across a wide range of subjects, and a useful revision timetable tool. You can filter by exam board to ensure you don't waste time on the wrong things.

This is Language - MFL videos, exercises and games

Brainscape - Notecards to study online or in the app

Quizlet - fun and interactive learning

BeeBusinessBee - Online Business Studies resources

Time for Geography - Inspiring Geography videos

Cool Geography

Educake - Science and Geography revision tests

Colossal - Art, design, photography and visual culture. An inspiration feast!

Tutor2U - Online educational publisher

Teach ICT - Computer Science revision resources

Pinterest - can be a good place to find revision materials. But don’t go down a rabbit hole!